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Wholesale factory price Bismaleimide cas 13676-54-5

Short Description:

Bismaleimide CAS 13676-54-5, also known as BMI, is an important compound widely used in various industries. With its excellent thermal and mechanical properties, it has become the first choice for applications requiring high-performance materials.  BMI has excellent heat resistance and is suitable for use in high temperature environments.

This compound has excellent mechanical strength, making it ideal for applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and electrical and electronics. Its ability to withstand extreme conditions without compromising its structural integrity and performance makes it a valuable component in the manufacturing process.

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Our Bismaleimide CAS 13676-54-5 is manufactured to the highest industry standards to ensure consistent quality and performance. With our state-of-the-art facilities and strict quality control measures, we strive to provide our customers with reliable and quality products.

Main features

1. High heat resistance: Bismaleimide CAS 13676-54-5 has excellent high temperature resistance to ensure long life and stability in harsh applications.

2. Excellent Mechanical Properties: With its superior mechanical strength, BMI provides enhanced durability and structural integrity.

3. Wide range of uses: suitable for aerospace, automotive, electrical, electronic and other industries to meet diverse application requirements.

4. Chemical stability: Bismaleimide CAS 13676-54-5 has high chemical stability and corrosion resistance.


1. Aerospace: Bismaleimide CAS 13676-54-5 is widely used in the manufacture of aircraft structural components, including panels, wings and engine components, due to its excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength.

2. Automotive: As an important part of manufacturing high-performance auto parts, BMI improves the safety, reliability and durability of vehicles.

3. Electronics: BMI is widely used in the production of electronic components such as circuit boards and connectors, ensuring high-efficiency performance and reliability under harsh conditions.

We are committed to providing quality chemicals to our customers and Bismaleimide CAS 13676-54-5 is a testament to this commitment. Featuring excellent heat resistance, mechanical properties and versatility, the product is designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries.


Appearance Light yellow powder Conform
Initial melting point (℃) ≥155.0 155.7
Purity (%) 98.0 98.2
Loss on drying (%) ≤0.5 0.21
Ash (%) ≤0.5 0.08

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