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China famous BTMS 50 CAS 81646-13-1

Short Description:

Behenyltrimethylammonium methylsulfate, also known as BTMS, is a quaternary ammonium compound widely used as a conditioning agent and emulsifier in personal care and cosmetics. Its chemical formula is C26H57NO4S and its molecular weight is 487.81 g/mol.

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BTMS is a white waxy solid that is readily soluble in water and other solvents. It has excellent cationic properties, making it an ideal ingredient for hair care products such as conditioners, shampoos and masks. It helps detangle hair, improves manageability and leaves it soft and silky.

In addition, BTMS has excellent emulsifying properties, making it ideal for use in creams, lotions, and other lotion-like products. It stabilizes emulsions and enhances the sensory properties of final formulations, giving them a smooth and luxurious texture.

Our BTMS products meet the highest industry standards, ensuring their purity, stability and safety. It is produced through a rigorous manufacturing process that guarantees consistent quality and reliable performance. We offer a variety of packaging options to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Whether you are formulating personal care products such as conditioners or lotions, or need to use BTMS for other industrial applications, our high quality products will meet your expectations. Our professional team is ready to assist you with any technical or product related inquiries, and we offer flexible quantities to meet your specific requirements.

In summary, behenyltrimethylammonium methylsulfate (CAS 81646-13-1) is a highly versatile and reliable compound that is a key ingredient in numerous personal care and cosmetic products. With its excellent conditioning and emulsifying properties, it adds value and enhances the performance of various formulations. Trust us to provide you with the very best BTMS products, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to find out how our BTMS can enhance your product formulations.


Appearance (25℃,visual test)

White to light yellow slice or solid


Smell (25℃,sense of smell)

Characteristic odor


PH (25℃,1% in ethanol/water 1:1)



Active (M:474%)



Free amine (M:347.5%)



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